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Private Fees 2024

Exam/Consultation£60.00 (Xray £10.00)
Scale & Polish (by the dentist )£85
Periodontal treatment£300.00/session
Amalgam filling£110.00-£160.00
Composite Filling£110.00-£220.00
Composite Bonding £150.00-£350.00 per tooth
Glass ionomer filling£120.00 – £160.00
Extraction£130.00 – £220.00
RCT (1,2,3 canals)£450.00, £550.00, £750.00
Re RCT£600.00, £700.00, £850.00
Bonded Crown£650.00
Zirconia or Full Porcelain Crown£750.00
E Max Crown£750.00
Post Core£120.00
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay£650.00
Porcelain Veneer£750.00
Bonded Bridge£650.00/unit
Zirconia Bridge£750.00/unit
Diagnostic Wax Up£90.00/tooth
Full Denture (Acrylic)£850.00
Partial Acrylic Denture£750.00
Metal Clasp£90.00
Full Chrome Denture£1600.00
Partial Chrome Denture£1450.00
Addition to Denture£120.00/tooth
Denture Repair£120.00
Nylon Denture£750.00/1 tooth
 £800.00/2 teeth
 £850.00/3 teeth
 £1400.00/for 4-8 teeth
Emergency Out of Hours Call Out Fee£180.00
Home Whitening£300.00
Private Prescription£15.00 (on top of consultation or xrays)
Private Emergency Dressing£80.00 (on top of consultation or xrays)
Crown Recement£120.00
Implantsfrom £2900/tooth
Quick straight teeth 
1 Arch Fixed£1800.00
Dual Arch Fixed£3500.00
1 Arch Clear Aligners£2000.00
Dual Arch Clear Aligners£3900.00
Removable Retainer£160.00
Fixed Retainer£170.00
1 Area£200.00
2 Areas£225.00
3 Areas£250.00
Fillers (JUVERDERM)£250.00/1 ml syringe

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